Do I have to change to public means of transportation if I use a P+R facility?

Yes. Construction and maintenance of P+R facilities are funded publicly to make the use of the public transportation (ÖPNV) more convenient. Thus, they are generally only available to ÖPNV passengers.

Please keep your public transportation ticket to be able to show it to our staff who may check if you have changed to subway or underground, bus or tram.

There are exceptions for four of our P+R facilities: At Fröttmaning, non public transportation user e.g. Allianz-Arena or visitors of the horse theme park, bus travelers and collectors may park. At Messestadt Ost, visitors to trade fairs may use the P+R parking; at Olympiazentrum, visitors to events may park as well. Same applies to Heimeranplatz. However, the parking fee is clearly higher in these cases (Standard rate).