We inform about the portal: German eVergabe (www.deutsche-evergabe.de) to public tenders (VOB / A and VOL / A), intended limited tenders acc. § 19 Abs. 5 VOB / A and assigned contracts acc. § 20 Abs. 3 VOB / A and § 19 Abs. 2 VOL / A.

Our tenders are based on our General Terms and Conditions (AGB).

Regarding the maintenance and operation of parking facilities, we regularly place orders for construction, delivery and services of a smaller nature. They are usually awarded in the form of "restricted tenders". The participants in these tenders are selected from a company card and, if necessary, invited to take part in a call for tenders.

If you are interested in being part of this file, please download the application form and to complete it, sign it, and return it to us via mail or e-mail.

Please note: Addition to this company file does not generate a claim to the participation in particular tenders.