Single tickets:

At our parking facilities, where barriers are arranged at the entry and exit, you will get your daily ticket on pressing the button on the terminal at the entrance barriers. Please pay the parking price prior to leaving the facility at the ticket cash machine.

In case of facilities without gates, there are parking ticket machines where you can get a daily ticket.

Note: These parking ticket machines cannot change cash coins, but there is a surplus function.

Means of payment: All coins starting from 10 cent.

Important: Please leave your parking ticket clearly legibly on the dash board of your parked vehicle.

You are parking frequently at P+R facilities and want to save? Then you will benefit from P+R tickets of ten, monthly tickets or annual tickets.

Advantageous and practical: The P+R monthly ticket and ticket of ten:

With this parking ticket, you may use our P+R facilities at a clearly more advantageous price. The particular convenience: The cards can be transferred; they can be used for different vehicles.

Where can you get these parking tickets?

Please find here a list of sales offices for monthly cards and ticket of ten.

At P+R facilities with barrier, you will get them directly at the park ticket machine. You can even get your monthly ticket seven days prior to the start of the month. To this end, please choose "card selection" at the machine, and then the button for the desired parking card.

At P+R facilities without barrier, you will get the monthly tickets and tickets of ten generally at the public station kiosk.

In addition, you can get these parking tickets at the MVG customer center at Munich central station (mezzanine floor) or MVG customer center at Marienplatz (mezzanine floor).

Please note the different kinds of P+R tickets of ten for facilities without barriers (here is the ticket transferrable) and with barriers (here is the ticket assigned to the respective parking spot).

The P+R annual ticket:

A particularly advantageous solution for commuters: Pay only ten months with your P+R annual ticket, but park twelve months.

P+R annual tickets are available for holders of an MVV season ticket (and comparable annual tickets). They are not bound to a calendar year. The term may start at any first day of a given month.

Prices for the P+R annual ticket:

For P+R facilities of price segment R: 85.00 EUR

For P+R facilities of price segment 1: 110.00 EUR

For P+R facilities of price segment 2: 190.00 EUR

For the P+R facility at Petershausen: 140.00 EUR

Where can you get the P+R annual ticket?

If you have purchased your MVV season ticket from Münchner Verkehrsgesellschaft (MVG), please order the P+R annual ticket using options listed on the MVG order form. The lead time is at least 14 days. Please note that the processing time may also be longer due to the current situation in connection with the corona virus. The contractual conditions for the P+R annual ticket sold by the MVG are included in the appendix to the order form.

As a customer of Deutsche Bahn AG, please send the DB order form to the addresses given in the form. Here, too, the lead time is at least 14 days. Please note the contractual conditions for the P + R annual ticket sold by DB.

If in doubt or in case of any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 089/ 32 46 47 48.

What you should generally be aware of:

Any tickets of ten, monthly tickets and annual tickets are not entitled to a free space at any given time. Since some P+R facilities are heavily frequented, no parking lot may be available. Therefore, please use your own experience to review whether there are free parking spaces at your regularly frequented P+R facility when you generally arrive. We will gladly advise you on questions regarding the common occupancy of P+R facilities at particular times.

Important: Please note the maximum parking time. In our P+R facilities, it is generally 24 hours. This also applies to the use of monthly tickets and annual tickets.

Longer parking times are only possible at the multi-storey car parking Messestadt Ost and at the multi-storey car parking Fröttmaning against a surcharge of 3.00 Euro for each further day. This surcharge is also payable when using a monthly or annual parking ticket. Payment is made when you return at the ticket machine - the parking price is calculated based on the parking ticket drawn at the entrance. The surcharge for longer parking is also payable when using a monthly or annual parking ticket.

Parking at the P + R Daglfing and Freiham facilities such as the long-term parking lot at the P + R Grafing Bahnhof facility is permitted for longer than 24 hours. Use costs EUR 2.00 per additional 24-hour unit. You can pay for the multi-day ticket in Grafing and Freiham at PSA No. 1; in Daglfing at PSA No. 1 + 2. The parking ticket machine accepts coins (the coins must be inserted appropriately, otherwise the payment process will be canceled), ideally 1.00 Euro and 2.00 Euro coins, but also EC card payment.