The bus terminals at Fröttmaning and Messestadt Ost are available as station to bus providers in (cross-border) regular service and occasional service. In addition, we offer parking surfaces for touring coaches and bus lines.

Contact for bus providers is Mrs. Monika Winklhofer, Phone. 089/ 32 46 47 - 41, Fax 089/ 32 46 47 - 20, E-Mail:


Station use in regular service

We will contract an agreement on the station use with bus providers using our bus terminals as a station in regular service. The requirement is filing an approval of regular service and transmittance of the schedule. The latter is required last but not least in order to set a fixed station and in order to communicate the departure time and the destination on the monitors in the bus station and in our online bus schedule.

A separate application of the buses in regular service is not required.

Station use in occasional service

It is not necessary to apply a bus in occasional service that wishes to use one of our bus terminals; however, it offers clear advantages for the bus provider. Thereby, we are able to assign a station to you beforehand, which is highly advantageous in particular with large numbers of busses – e.g. if a tour is operated by several buses. Moreover, we will register the departure time and the destination in the departure monitor at bus terminal Fröttmaning.

Please register your busses no later than 24 hours before arrival; for arrivals from Saturday through Monday, please apply by Thursday 3 p.m.

Please note that your bus drivers have to pay the usage fee of the site.

Of course, bus providers in occasional service can also contract an agreement with us. A huge advantage: The payment of station use is possible against invoice.

Bus parking

Our separately identified bus parking spaces at Fröttmaning and at Messestadt Ost can generally be used without application. However, in view of the limited number of parking spaces, an application is highly recommended, in particular at Messestadt Ost.

Payment of the bus parking spaces will be effected on site.