We will gladly answer your questions. Please find the answers to particularly frequently asked questions here:

Do I have to change to public means of transportation if I use a P+R facility?
Yes. Construction and maintenance of P+R facilities are funded publicly to make the use of the public transportation (ÖPNV) more convenient. Thus, they are generally only available to ÖPNV passengers.

Please keep your public transportation ticket to be able to show it to our staff who may check if you have changed to subway or underground, bus or tram.

There are exceptions for four of our P+R facilities: At Fröttmaning, non public transportation user e.g. Allianz-Arena or visitors of the horse theme park, bus travelers and collectors may park. At Messestadt Ost, visitors to trade fairs may use the P+R parking; at Olympiazentrum, visitors to events may park as well. Same applies to Heimeranplatz. However, the parking fee is clearly higher in these cases (Standard rate).

May I use my P+R parking ticket for different P+R facilities?

Yes. P+R parking tickets are valid at all facilities of the same price segment as well as the lower priced segments (descending order segments 2, 1 and Region). E.g. with a monthly ticket for price segment 1, you may use all P+R car parks within that price segment. Furthermore you may also use the P+R facilities in the lower priced segment Region. For an overview of our P+R facilities with corresponding price segments please visit: P+R parking price list

Please note the different kinds of P+R tickets of ten for facilities without barriers (ticket transferrable) and with barriers (ticket assigned to the respective parking facility).

May I use the P+R facility at Messestadt Ost as a visitor to a trade fair?
Yes. However, the parking fee for visitors to trade fairs is clearly higher than for passengers changing to ÖPNV. The daily ticket costs 12.00 Euro (reduced price according to notice). We regularly check whether trade-fair visitors have chosen the right parking fee.

How much will parking at the P+R multi-storey parking at Olympiazentrum cost if I attend an event at Olympiazentrum?
The daily ticket for visitors to the Olympiapark/to events costs 4.00 Euro for up to 2 hours, 1.00 Euro for every further hour, up to a daily maximum of 20.00 Euro.

Why is there a stadium fee at the P+R facility at Fröttmaning?
Generally, the use of P+R facilities is restricted to public transportation users. The multi-storey parking in Fröttmaning, however, may also be used by non public transportation users i.e. visitors to Allianz-Arena or the horse theme park. In this case, the daily ticket costs 10.00 Euro.

Drivers changing to the ÖPNV will pay clearly less since construction and maintenance of P+R parking spaces is publicly funded to make the use of the ÖPNV more convenient. We regularly review whether visitors to the P+R multi-storey parking at Fröttmaning have chosen the correct parking fee.

Do your parking ticket machines change money?
Typically, our parking ticket machines do not have a coin-changing function. However, there is a surplus function that allows buying a ticket even if amounts do not match. However, the surplus amount will not be reimbursed.

Moreover, monthly tickets and tickets of ten can be purchased at the on-site station kiosks. Those tickets are not only cheaper, but will save you the trouble of holding coins and going to the parking ticket machine.

Can I pay the parking fee with EC or credit card?
At P+R parking facilities without gates, the parking ticket machines will only accept the parking fee with matching coins. EC payment is only possible at our P+R facilities at Aidenbachstrasse, Daglfing, Freiham and at the long-term car park at Grafing station.

At our facilities with gates, the cash machines will accept coins and notes. At the multi-storey car park at Messestadt Ost, and at the CityParking spaces at Münchner Freiheit and Elisenstrasse, payment can be effected with common credit cards.

Can I buy my parking ticket with my mobile phone?
Yes, on some of our parking facilities we do offer purchasing of parking tickets with the mobile phone. Please click here for further information.

Is there handicapped parking at your parking facilities?
We do provide handicapped parking at almost all of our parking facilities, to also make parking more convenient for handicapped people. Please find details on the individual profiles of the P+R facilities and the CityParking facilities.

These labeled parking spaces are as close to the entry as possible, and have a width of no less than three meters.

Please note: Handicapped parking is intended for people with permanent heavy walking impediments. Please show your parking entitlement by the official ID and place it in the car in clear sight.

Which P+R facilities can be accessed without environment badge?
All P+R facilities, except for the facility at Innsbrucker Ring, are outside the environmental zone of the city of Munich, and can therefore be accessed without environment badge.

Our CityParking facilities – except for the facilities at Siegenburger Strasse and Maria Einsiedel – however are located within the environmental zone. Here, your car requires environmental badge.

How secure are P+R facilities?
Your safety is important to us, therefore all parking buildings are provided with a video control system and a service emergency call. Both are connected to the P+R control center, which is staffed with an employee 24/7.

Sufficiently illuminated and clearly visible parking spaces increase security, as well – not only in the evenings and at night.

Please note that, pursuant to our parking conditions, you are parking at your own risk.

Are there parking spaces for woman in the parking facilities?
n all multi-storey car parks and underground garages, we have parking spaces reserved for women, which are clearly labeled on the floor and on the walls (except for Innsbrucker Ring and Kieferngarten). The cash machines are on the same storey and visible from all sides.

What is the purpose of family parking spaces?
Our family parking spaces are plus-sized parking spaces where the doors of a parked car can be opened widely. This facilitates access to the child restraint systems and loading and unloading of strollers and large bags.

Family parking spaces are available at the parking facilities at Fröttmaning, Klinikum Großhadern, Mangfallplatz, Moosach, Innsbrucker Ring, Oberwiesenfeld and Heimeranplatz.

What is the reason that some parking places are named as provisorium?
The designated car parks are P + R facilities that have been constructed on a temporary basis until a fully developed P + R facility is built at or near that location. Therefore, they do not fully comply with our standard that we otherwise offer (e.g. Parking space not fortified)

Do I have to pay for parking if I only want to drop of or collect someone from the station?
P+R facilities with gates have a grace period of 20 minutes. During this period, you can leave the P+R facility without having to validate the parking ticket at the cash machine. The ticket drawn at the entry allows for exiting without payment.

However, at P+R parking spaces without gate facilities, leaving the car is considered as parking and therefore subject to a fee.

What is the maximum parking time?
The maximum parking time at our P+R facilities is generally 24 hours. This applies to holders of time parking cards, too.

Only the P+R facilities at Fröttmaning, Messestadt Ost, Daglfing, Freiham and Grafing railway station are exceptions to this rule.

Pursuant to our parking conditions, overdraft of this maximum parking time is subject to a contractual fine of 30.00 Euro for each started further day.

We recommend air travelers to get information on the parking possibilities at the airport or its ambient. The P+R facilities at Hallbergmoos, Neufahrn, Eching, Unterföhring and Unterschleißheim are also regularly checked by us.

At which of these facilities can I park longer than 24 hours?
This is possible at the P+R facilities Messestadt Ost, Fröttmaning, Daglfing, Freiham and Grafing railway station – at particularly advantageous conditions:

At the multi-storey car park Messestadt Ost, parking costs 1.00 Euro the first day (P+R Tarif), each further day costs 3.00 Euro (Standard rate). Exception: Trade-fair visitors will pay 12.00 Euro the first day and 12.00 Euro every further day (reduced price according to notice).

At the multi-storey car park Fröttmaning, parking costs 1.00 Euro the first day (P+R Tarif), each further day costs 3.00 Euro (Standard rate): Exception: Allianz-Arena and horse world visitors will pay 10.00 Euro the first day and 3.00 Euro every further day.

The due total amount must be paid at the ticket cash machine prior to exiting (Messestadt Ost an Fröttmaning).

At the parking places Daglfing and Freiham, parking costs 1,00 Euro the first day and 2.00 Euro for every further day.

At the long-term parking Grafing railway station, parking costs 0.50 Euro the first day and 2.00 Euro for every further day.

At Daglfing, Freiham and Grafing, the parking fee must be paid in advance at the parking ticket machine. The usage of a monthly, yearly ticket or ticket of ten is not possible for long term parking.

What is the maximum entry height in your multi-storey car parks and underground garages?
Generally, it is 2.10 meters. Exceptions are the multi-storey car parks at Kieferngarten and Olympiazentrum, where the maximum entry height is 1.90 meters respectively 2,00 meters.

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