Since 2005, we have been operating parking facilities for residents to permanently park their passenger vehicles in the city area of the State Capital Munich. Presently, we handle the operation of the following facilities:

- Open parking lot on ground level underneath the bridge Donnersbergerbrücke
- Automatic underground parking at Donnersbergerstraße
- Underground parking in the citizens' social  center "Sozialbürgerhaus" at Meindlstraße
- Underground parking in the cultural center "Kulturzentrum" Milbertshofen
- Underground parking at Kellerstraße
- Underground parking at Josephsplatz
- Underground parking at Deisenhofer Straße
- Underground Parking at Postwiese
- Underground Parking at Ruppertstraße

We offer consultancy and support to prospective tenants and contract the lease agreements. The parking facilities are highly popular. For all residential garages, we have waiting lists for prospective tenants. Please consider the availability at the individual facilities.

Criteria for contracting: Pursuant to the requirements of the State Capital Munich, those persons are preferentially entitled to lease a parking space, which have their main place of residence or second place of residence within no more than 400 meters around the respective facility. It is not sufficient to merely own an apartment or a house; the owner has to be a resident. Those residents have a preferential right of lease for whose apartment a parking space release procedure pursuant to Art. 47 of the Bavarian building regulations (Bayerische Bauordnung) has been implemented at the time of construction. That means that the constructor has paid an amount to the State Capital Munich instead of building the required parking spaces for passenger cars himself. The construction of residential garages, among others, will be financed from these funds.

Priority is also given to people who want to park an all-battery electric vehicle. For this purpose, depending on availability, a special parking space with charging facility can be rented (currently: residential garages Josephsplatz, Kellerstraße, Ruppertstraße).


Information of data protection for resident parking.