At some P + R facilities, we offer you to purchase your parking ticket online via app via our cooperation partners viatag and ParkNow - cashless, easy and convenient with your mobile phone without going to the machine or kiosk.

Parking with the P+R viatag app

  • on the following P + R facilities: Aidenbachstrasse, Aubing, Freiham, Fürstenried West (underground car park and parking lot), Großhadern, Karlsfeld (east and west), Langwied, Lochhausen (north and south), Solln, Westkreuz and Petershausen
  • Available for P + R day tickets (24 hour ticket) and P + R monthly tickets; Petershausen only P + R day tickets

further information and registration (external link on

Parking with ParkNow

  • on the following P + R facilities: Garching Hochbrück, Studentenstadt, Trudering (north and south)
  • available for P + R day tickets (24 h ticket)

further information and registration (external link at


Please note:

  • For the parking ticket control, when parking on unrestricted systems in the vehicle, a notice on the use of mobile phone parking must be clearly visible on the dashboard. The templates provided by the cooperation partners on their websites can be used for this purpose. However, it is sufficient e.g. also a (handwritten) "note" with reference to the P + R OnlineTicket procedure.
  • The payment and sales conditions (prices and validity) for comparable P + R paper tickets apply (plus costs for mobile data usage).
  • The P + R parking fees are invoiced by the respective cooperation partner in accordance with their terms and conditions with additional costs, if applicable.