P+R Park & Ride GmbH is the service company of the Bavarian State Capital of Munich in the field of parking. Since our foundation in 1992, we have been operating all P+R facilities in the Munich city area. Moreover, we have in the meantime also taken up work for cities and communities in the region.

We consider ourselves to be a service provider at the interface between private and commercial road traffic and the public traffic network. We target attractive and citizen-friendly solutions for parking and parking space management, as well as the furtherance of an environmentally friendly mobility at the transition between road and rail.

Currently, we are operating more than 14,000 passenger-car parking spaces at a total of 38 P+R facilities in Munich and outside the city gates.

The operation of twelve multi-storey bicycle parks and of bicycle parking spaces at many underground and subway station also serves the convenient transition to the public transportation means.

Further tasks are the operation of nine neighborhood car parks for residents of the city of Munich with roughly 1,100 permanent passenger car parking spaces. One of them is the unique automatic neighborhood car park at Donnersbergerstrasse, which is the only one of its kind in Germany.

Moreover, P+R Park & Ride GmbH manages the two decentralized bus terminals Fröttmaning und Messestadt Ost, which together have more than 41 bus stations and 39 bus parking spaces.

The most recent field of business, CityParking, is the operation of four parking facilities at a total of roughly 1,000 parking spaces within the city area of Munich.

Our range of services covers all tasks regarding the management of parking facilities – from the planning and operation up controlling and maintenance work. Moreover, we work on the optimization of existing facilities and on research projects of traffic policy.

Outside the Bavarian State Capital of Munich, we take care of the P+R facilities in the following cities and communities:

- Gemeinde Aßling (since October 2015)

- Gemeinde Vaterstetten (since October 2015)

- Stadt Moosburg (since December 2013)

- Gemeinde Pullach (since January 2013)

- Gemeinde Petershausen (since September 2012)

- Stadt Grafing (since September 2010)

- Stadt Unterschleißheim (since October 2008)

- Gemeinde Neubiberg (since June 2007)

- Stadt Garching (since November 2006)

- Gemeinde Eching (since January 2006)

- Gemeinde Unterföhring (since July 2005)

- Gemeinde Neufahrn (since February 2002)

- Gemeinde Hallbergmoos (since September 2001)